CampTastic is all about FUNderful new friends and counselors, LAUGHeriffic games and crafts, BLASTastic virtual field studies full of imagination…and all the extra “oomph” campers are excited about! With our awesome themes, every day brings new and exciting activities and fun learning adventures all summer long!




We are ready to dive into a sopping-wet world of water play! 

Special Event Days: 

Slip & Slimed
It’s a test to keep our balance as we create slippery, slimy surfaces for play. From slime-filled races to painting, all our experiences will be too slick to handle!

Wiped Out
Today it’s lights, cameras, and you’re live as the star of the wet and wild game show, Wiped Out! Join a teammate to tackle the final round and hope that your TV debut results in victory!

Colorific Splash-a-Thon
Our wet world of obstacle courses is getting a colorful transformation! From water fights to “paintball” to squirt-a-thons, this day will be full of water fun. No matter your team, everyone stands a chance in this day of stealth and strategy. In Colored Water Wars, the wetter the better!




Get in it to win it as we enjoy fresh takes on our favorite games and challenges! 

Special Event Days:

Time Twist Triathalon
How SLOW can you go? How FAST can you pass? Win wacky awards for “slowest pitch” or “fastest crawl.” Listen for the tick-tock as a cue to jump into three main events in the Time-Twist Triathlon!

Super Squads
A day of outdoor competitions for teams and individuals alike. Old-school favorites like the three-legged race will make their appearance on this day!

Radical Relays
Teamwork is the name of the game on this special day of relay fun. Unconventional, obstacle-course relays that include games, challenges, and feats of strength will cultivate cooperation and leadership! Run, jump, dive, hide, and race together in a day full of Radical Relays!



No question is too crazy as we dive into the science of nature! Put on your thinking cap and let’s explore together! 

Special Event Days:

Crazy Compass
Pull out a compass and let’s explore! North, South, East, and West, whichever way we go, we will have the best fun with our friends on this day of directions, maps, and adventure.

Scavenger Hunt
Scavengers extraordinaire, we’re getting clues and solving mysteries as we seek a treasure at the end of the day - and have lots of laughs along the way!

A-Camping We Will Go
Let’s explore the great outdoors as we pitch our tent and have an adventure! We’ll sing camp songs, master survival skills, and maybe even roast a s’more or two! Unleash your inner adventurer as we navigate camping challenges for endless fun!



Let’s enter one ongoing game that is eye-spy, hide-and-seek, and a treasure hunt all in one!  

Special Event Days: 

Make Your Escape
It’s time to work together to breakout! Follow the clues, solve the puzzles, and resolve the mystery in this fun-filled day of head-scratchers, page-turners, and riddles. Do you have what it takes to make your escape?

Daring Detectives
Follow the trail, pick up the scent, and sharpen your observation skills on this fun day of group games. Can you get a clue and play the hero by diving in and solving some truly epic mysteries? You’re the gumshoe on the case!

Guess Who?
Unlock the hidden meaning, uncover the buried clue, and unveil your amazing genius. We are writing our own mystery novel - and you’re on the cover! From wordplay to plot twists, let’s pen down and act out the page-turner of our dreams.



Let’s paint a picture, design a scene, become our favorite characters, and use our talents to dream and create together!

Special Event Days:

CW Fashion Show
Grab your scissors and fabric, it’s time to create! From hats to shoes, you’ll design it all! When your masterpieces are complete, you’ll be ready to strut your stuff on the runway!

Cartoon Creations
You’re challenged to create a comic book series for your school. Work together to determine your setting, characters, and plot. We can’t wait to see what you create!

We Got the Beat
Whether you’re tossing or passing a baton, we’re all better when we work together! Join us as we choreograph an amazing parade to showcase our knack for kinetics. March along to the beat of our own drum - it’s all in good fun!

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