CampTastic is all about FUNderful new friends and counselors, LAUGHeriffic games and crafts, BLASTastic virtual field studies full of imagination…and all the extra “oomph” campers are excited about! With our awesome themes, every day brings new and exciting activities and fun learning adventures all summer long!




We are going to hang-ten and have our very own tropical adventure!   

Special Event Days: 

Ocean Alive
What mysteries will be uncovered as we explore the darkest depths of the ocean? Let’s discover incredible ocean creatures and their very unique habitats!

Splish Splash
Water games are all the rage, so dive-in and get soaked! We’re gathering sponges, buckets, and water toys galore - get ready to splash along!

Camptastic Luau
“Hele mei hoohiwahiwa” means “Come and celebrate” in Hawaiian! We’re partying island-style, so come decorate, dance, play games, and create confections at our very own CampTastic Luau!




It’s time to team up, roll the dice, and have a blast! 

Special Event Days:

Topsy Turvey
We are going to turn a triathlon on its head and get wild and wacky for a day of super-duper fun! Let’s wave our team flag high as we face obstacles, tricky challenges, and more!

Pass Go
It’s a race against the clock in a day full of group games that will require us to think hard, perform our best, and work together. Let’s re-invent the wheel and then race it to the finish line!

Ultimate Game Mashups
Have you ever played frisbee-golf or dodge-soccer? Get ready for a smashed-up day as we combine classic games and create new ones! We are going to have a field day of backwards, upside-down, house-rules fun! You won’t want to miss it!




Grab your compass and let’s discover the great outdoors!  

Special Event Days: 

Go Green
Let’s show the earth some love. From water experiments to pollution problem-solving, we’ll spend the day investigating all the ways we can soften our footprints and be kind to our beautiful planet.

On the Trail
Scavengers extraordinaire, we’re getting clues and solving mysteries as we seek a treasure at the end of the day… and have lots of laughs along the way!

Rock It Out
Did you know that Petrology is the study of rocks? From Petrology to Paleontology, we'll discover all that lies between a rock and a hard place!




Let’s ooze into a wacky world of gooey, bubbling, fizzy fun!  

Special Event Days: 

Wacky Labs
Are you bursting with great ideas? Grab your lab coat and get your mad scientist on as we unlock the secrets of chemistry in the snappiest, crackliest, most explosive day!

Get ready to be-bop, scat, and synthesize on a day of musical exploration. From handmade instruments to classic mashups, tune-up and tune-in for a fa-la-la good time!

Boppin’ Bots
Come create and innovate as we construct amazing robotic inventions. From nuts to bolts, designing to showcasing, what ideas will bubble up as we crack the code to robotic fun?




We are unleashing our imaginations and building contraptions!

Special Event Days:

Terrific Towers
We are ready to explore all types of terrific, towering structures! Let’s step back in time to explore the Leaning Tower of Pisa, the Space Needle, Light Houses, and more outside-the-box architecture from all around the globe!

Sticky Structures
Does it stick? Let’s try out some wack-tastic experiments that drip, melt, stick, and cement our wildest design ideas. Which designs will stick and which will come crashing down?

It’s Showtime
It's a day to show us what you've got! Bring your talent and be prepared to show it off! Who has the most unusual talent? Who is the fan favorite?

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