Summer Camp 2017
Summer Camp 2017

The world is a great, big, beautiful place full of inspiration and opportunities for investigation…

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CampTastic 2019 Introduces this year’s BLASTastic Summer Camp adventures!

Come explore with us all summer long in CampTastic at Creative World School! Showcasing 5 BLASTastic themes, your School Age student will enjoy Sports, Art, Field Trips, Engineering, Science, Music, and More as we get inspired to grow… together! Join us and all of your friends for a FUNderful Summer making the most of our BIG dreams and BRIGHT ideas!

With 5 awesome summer camp themes, every day brings new and exciting activities, plus fun learning adventures! Keep reading below to learn more, find a location, and save your camper’s spot today!

Summer Camp Tropical Adventure

Surf’s Up!

Let’s get wet ‘n wild in a playful exploration of H2O!

Clouds are heavy, ice is solid, misty vapors fall… the whole wide world is full of it, and we’re ready for it to drop! Let’s get wet ‘n’ wild in a playful exploration of H2O. From surfing to cyclones, we’ll investigate the science behind water, weather, and celebrate drizzles and downpours. Come splash with us!

Special Events:

Water Extravaganza
Water games are all the rage… so dive in and get soaked! We’re collecting sponges, water balloons, and buckets galore: come ready to splash along!

Sandy Castles
The sound of the waves, the sand between your toes, and the thrill of working together to build epic sand structures. Sound like an awesome summer time? Don’t miss this day of Sandy Castles!

CampTastic Luau
“Hele mei hoohiwahiwa” that means “Come and celebrate!” We’re partying island style so come decorate and dance, play games and create confections at our CampTastic Luau.

Summer Camp Tropical Adventure

Scribble, sketch, paint, and create.

It’s out-of-the-box art!

Scribble, sketch, paint, and create along with us as we enjoy an all-hands-in, out-of-the-box approach to art! We will use unusual materials, fresh techniques, and active experiences to express ourselves through all manner and media! Let’s paint a picture, design a scene, live out fresh characters, and use our fantastic imaginations to make and create together.

Special Events:

Color Race
Let’s get down and drenched in a sun-splashed, colorful world of fun. It’s a race to the finish where everyone wins in this day of color-splosions in our own CampTastic version of a Color Race!

Sticky Structures
Does it stick? Let’s get ooey gooey and watch some wack-tastic experiments drip, melt, stick, and cement our wildest design ideas. You’re invited to act like a mad scientist as you get messy and have a blast!

CW Record Breakers
Who can eat the most olives or spin a dime the longest? How long can you take to eat an apple… how fast can you fold a towel? You’re sure to win something in this day of silly record-setting.

Summer Camp Mystery Adventure

Ready, set, go!

We are teaming up for a week of fun challenges!

Are you ready to play? Get in it to win it and maybe risk it a little as we enjoy fresh takes and powerful spins on our favorite games and challenges! From brain teasers to obstacles courses, it’s friendly competition and personal best. Work together, take a risk, and be brave as we dare to dream that we are bigger, bolder, and better… doing our best!

Special Events:

Topsy Turvy
Turn a triathlon on its head: we are getting wild and wacky and ready to play sports like you’ve never seen. Wave your team flag high in this day of crazy competition and gaming fun!

Daring Detectives
Follow the trail, pick up the scent, and get your Sherlock hat on for this fun day of group games. Can you get a clue and play the hero by diving in and solving some truly epic mysteries? We are on the case!

Make Your Escape
It’s time to work together to breakout! Follow the clues, solve the puzzles, and resolve the mystery in this fun-filled day of head-scratchers, page-turners, and riddles. Do you have what it takes to make your escape?

Summer Camp Builder Adventure

It’s a zoo-tastic party!

Let’s discover all the furry friends around us.

It’s a jungle out there! Predator, prey, life-cycles, habitats, and more… let’s discover together the amazing Animal Kingdom. Get ready to walk with the animals as we learn all about the different species that inhabit jungles around the world. How can we work to preserve and protect these beautiful animals? Let’s be a team as we explore – and rescue – together!

Special Events:

Wild Things…
…they make our hearts sing! We love the creepy, crawly, furry friends all around us. It’s a zoo-tastic party and you’re invited! Come learn all about the animals of the Rainforest as we continue our tropical adventures.

Outdoor Odyssey
Let’s take a journey into the wild! Join us for a day of nature scavenger hunts and outdoor explorations as we strap on our hiking boots and get out under the big blue sky.

Opt Outside
What do inchworms, bluejays, spiders, and bunnies have in common? They make their homes all around us! Let’s get hands-on with animal fun, investigating the animals around our school that make their homes, get their food, and raise their families all around us. It’s a day of animal life investigations!

Summer Camp Fun and Games

A week of explorations sure to bring out your inner scientist!

We want to shed some light on your amazing talent and creativity in a fun-filled week of scientific experiences and explorations! Come play with sound waves, light beams, and enjoy collaborative art. You’re invited to sculpt, paint, draw, arrange, and deconstruct… expressing everything that makes YOU so unique!

Special Events:

Pop-Up Art
It’s a one-day-only art extravaganza! Collect unusual, out-of-the-box art supplies and dream up fanciful creations to display on this Pop-Up Day of Artistic Surprises.

Get ready to bee-bop, scat, and synthesize on a day of musical exploration. From handmade instruments to classic mash-ups, tune up and tune in for a fa-la-la-lark!

Move & Groove
Time for some kooky kinetic art-explorations! From pendulum painting to straw art and much more, come move, groove, and create with us.

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